Bike and Dine

Go restaurant hopping! Select your food-theme, and three different chef's will serve you their signature small dish. A four course dinner, in one area, all in one night... Ride from restaurant to restaurant and experience a new way of dining. Celebrate your birthday party with Bike & Dine or enjoy a beautiful and tasteful evening ride with your loved one.

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  2. De Speel Tuin

De Speel Tuin is a new concept that started in June'18. After a really succesful first editon we dicided to organize this event every three months. De Speel Tuin is a jam session for everyone who likes to come and make music or just listen to music. You can bring your own blanket, pillow and food to make it yourself so comfortable as you wish.


Every three months, RnBeatz exclusive brings you back to the best music of all times: 90's RNB. The line-up exists of alternating local and international DJ's. RnBeatz celebrates music while travelling by boat. The organisation works together with Blue Finn catamaran, the sexiest "location" for this party.