April '19: CHARMPLAY

A young, though mature Indiepop band from The Netherlands with a refreshing focus on getting crowds to move. Are finally coming to Curaçao after playing several tours through Europe and polishing both their stage performance and their music…
By the end of June 2018, Charmplay released their first single (In the mood / I.T.M) of the brand new EP. Only three days after the release, “I.T.M.” found its way to a greater public, thanks to the airplay on “3FM” (Dutch, national radio station).
Still overwhelmed by the extreme response and positive feedback on the first release, Charmplay already released their second single (“Rising”).

Genre: Pop rock

April '19: Steven Brunswijk

Comedian and rising television star Steven Brunswijk from Holland will be travelling to the Caribbean by the end of April. Steven, also known as "Braboneger", is currently touring trough Holland with his theater show "From slave to master".
Steven, who was born and raised in Surinam, recently participated in the famous television show "Expeditie Robinson".

Please contact WANTED Bookings if you are interested to book him for a show at one of the ABC islands.

Genre: comedy