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WANTED Bookings is the one talent agency on Curaçao for bands, musicians and more. We work with different hotels, (beach) clubs and restaurants. WANTED offers a wide portfolio of bands, in any genre and even offer entertainers such as stilt walkers and magicians. Would you like to work with us and become part of our portfolio? Most of our artists are not exclusively subscribed with us, you can still find your own bookings in addition to the shows we can find for you. Do note that in most cases, we await a request from our clients to see if you match to this event! Also note that we ask for a good discount since we promote you as an artist.

Please fill in the form below and e-mail us your best high resolution pictures and (video)links to administration@wantedbookingscaribbean.com.

After we received the form, we will contact you within 7 days and inform you with our artist policy.

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Please don't forget to e-mail us your best high resolution pictures and (video)links to administration@wantedbookings.com

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