About us

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Founder of WANTED Bookings Myra Fagg (32) who was born and raised in Holland, decided to work abroad after her Media & Entertainment Management degree. When she first set foot on Curacao in 2009 she discovered the wonderful world of live music and exactly that made her fall in love with the island.

Amused by the number of talented singers, instrumentalists and bands she booked many of them for big beach clubs while working here as an event manager. Myra also noticed that this talent could only be found by having a good social network and even then, it consumed a lot of time. So, then she asked the question: "How can I find the perfect match to any event in a short amount of time?" By contacting just one organization who offers a wide portfolio of Curacao's best artists supported by video footage.

With a lot of girl power, she dared to follow her dream and the one booking agency was born in 2015, WANTED Bookings Caribbean. From now on all these amazing music bookings are promoted by just one organization so all fans and tourists know exactly where to find the best live music on Curacao, Let us find you the perfect entertainment to your wedding, business event, bar, hotel, beach club or restaurant.

"Our mission is to find the perfect match to your event." - Myra Fagg