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Thanks to years of experience, WANTED Bookings Caribbean knows exactly which artists are suitable for any event. By extending this team, Linda & Ana are excited to take
WANTED Bookings to the next level. It is known that with music we live life through different sensations and that's why Linda & Ana are happy to start working in this creative field with all the talented artists and beautiful events on the Island!

Ana and Linda were engaged by the idea of "Cause we Match Music" and here they are together ready to continue living Myra's passion, keeping the connection between all this great artists and the wonderful places to perform on the Island.

Then if you're looking for entertainment for your Beach Club, Hotel, Wedding, Bar or Restaurant, Business or private Events, WANTED Bookings is the place to look for it!
In our extended portfolio you will find a wide variety of great artists to match all your preferences and needs.
After your request is fulfilled, you would only need to turn on the sound and lights and let the show begin!

It is interesting to work with a booking agent if your company would like to bring their entertainment agenda to a professional level. Our company make sure that both parties are aware of all details, supporting the artist to be able to focus solely on their music and performance, and you as client to enjoy it. Additionally, we help you solve last minute cancellations, keep a reminder about the dates, manage the payments, celebrate special occasions like openings, anniversaries, new releases, promotions or just to indulge your people with a special moment.

'Cause we live Entertainment'

Linda & Ana

Ana Sanin (47) right, came to Curacao attracted to the Island's vibrant lifestyle. She was born and raised in Medellín-Colombia, a country where music, dance, festivals, happiness and good vibes are part of everyone's daily life. Ana has been living on Curacao for almost two decades, dedicated to her profession and family. One day, without hesitation, she decided to follow the call of this wonderful project and combine her creativity, her ability to connect people and her passion for life to start this challenge!

Linda Driessen (30) left, was born in the sunny south of the Netherlands, where a Burgundian lifestyle is the way of life! She has been visiting Curacao since childhood on regular basis to enjoy everything this beautiful Island has to offer with her family. As a child she already enjoyed all the cheerful sounds of 'Dushi Korsow' and therefore decided to move and live here and connect with this musical side of singing, playing, dancing and entertainment.